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WU LUAN ZHAO YAN Attorneys at Law

Beijing Wu Luan Zhao Yan Law Firm was established in March 1994 and is one of the law firms that has adopted the partnership system for management since China's reform and opening up.
After years of steady development, Wu Luan Zhao Yan Law Firm has gained recognition from clients and the legal community through the joint efforts of all practicing lawyers, partners, and staff, forming a professional style characterized by seriousness, rigor, and diligence. Advocating integrity, timeliness, promoting righteousness and suppressing evil, and starting and ending well are the behavioral norms that our lawyers consciously follow.
Wu Luan Zhao Yan Law Firm's clients are widely distributed in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan in China. The industries involved include petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, computers, electronics, automobiles, real estate development, architectural design, property management, hotel management, investment, financial securities, advertising, media, information technology, publishing, printing, consulting services, trade, food, catering, entertainment, and other industries.
Wu Luan Zhao Yan Law Firm has established stable cooperative relationships with accounting firms, asset evaluation agencies, credit investigation agencies, business consulting agencies, foreign investment service agencies, auction houses and other intermediary agencies, and can provide timely and efficient services to customers with various needs with high-quality services.

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WU LUAN ZHAO YAN Attorneys at Law